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Legal Notice
Operator of Website and Definitions

This website is operated by Sony DADC Austria AG, (Sony, we or us) with its registered office at Sonystrasse 20, A-5081, Anif/Salzburg, Austria, registered number FN 34018b and LG Salzburg (UID/VAT: ATU340004207, Audiovisions- und Filmindustrie Österreich, Produzent optischer Speichermedien) with offices for purposes of correspondence relating to this website at Sonystrasse 20, A-5081, Anif/Salzburg, Austria, e-mail address:

In these Terms: Services means any functions, facilities, applications, information or other services available through this website (including, where applicable, ISP (internet service provider and/or internet access) services) . Sony Affiliates means Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan and any entity, the majority of whose shares is owned or controlled directly or indirectly by Sony Corporation.

Terms means these terms and conditions. User or you means any person who accesses or uses this site, with or without Sony's authorisation and whether or not you are registered to use this or part of this site or a member or registered User of a Service offered through this site.

This website or site means the website (home page and underlying webpages) or other collection of information and/or applications operated by Sony and available for access via physically linked or wireless networks (including the internet and networks accessible using wireless application protocol or similar (wap) technology) through access devices such as PCs, laptop computers, mobile telephones, PDAs, digital cameras, televisions or other network-enabled devices, on which these Terms are posted or which is expressly referred to in connection with User being requested to agree to these Terms. Any reference to this website or site includes a reference to any related wap site. Certain other terms are defined in the text below.
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