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Sony DADC and Tribeka entered a groundbreaking deal
Sony DADC and Tribeka have entered a groundbreaking deal to integrate Sony DADC’s world leading SecuROM Digital Rights Management Solution into Tribeka’s revolutionary SoftWide platform.  With the launch of key games titles in the pipeline, the integration of SecuROM helps take SoftWide to the next level of delivery and SecuROM is now available to all publishers wishing to distribute their titles through SoftWide.
“The digital distribution channel is becoming increasingly important to a broad range of companies that are attempting to establish their products," commented David Berka, Product Manager for Software Digital Rights Management Solutions at Sony DADC. “We see this partnership with Tribeka and the integration of SecuROM into the SoftWide platform as an important step forward, as it allows publishers that use the SoftWide platform to increase their revenues as well as to implement business models such as Try & Buy and Subscription Based Models.”
Mark Furtado, Tribeka’s Head of Content, said “I am delighted to have secured this partnership with Sony DADC for SecuROM.  This technology will allow us to expand our already huge SoftWide product offer to seamlessly include protected titles on both CD and DVD. We can now move faster and more confidently into the games market with the key PC game publishers. This is another very exciting step for us and our partner publishers.”